Delaware Online Casino Gambling


Delaware is one of the few states that have already legalized online gambling within the borders of the state, which mean that all the regulated Delaware racetracks and casinos are free to offer real money gambling products to the residents of the state. Delaware brick and mortar gambling establishments are completely free to offer classic table games, video poker machines, and all kinds of exciting slots. Other than that, the state offers live horse race betting including off-track betting as well as a state-run lottery.

The Delaware Lottery Commission oversees the conduct of online gambling as offered by each of the state’s three land-based casinos. Each casino is authorized to offer online slots, table games and poker to players 21 or older and physically located within Delaware. Just like pro-gambling Nevada, Delaware is a state that allows a wide range of gambling entertainment from land-based establishments to online gaming sites. Currently, the state has brick and mortar casinos with pari-mutuel and sportsbooks, charitable gambling (bingo, raffles, poker), lottery, online casinos, online poker, and pari-mutuel.

Delaware Gambling Laws

Delaware gambling laws have been designed to protect its well-regulated gambling industry, which means that the state is very serious about shutting down illegal gambling operations. Important gambling-related regulations include Article 2, Section 17 of the Delaware State constitution, as well as Section 1401 through Section 1432 of Delaware code. Generally speaking, Delaware law allows charity gambling and isn’t very clear when it comes to social gambling and online gambling on offshore casino sites.

The state doesn’t have any regulations that mention penalties for residents caught playing in those casinos and is very lenient towards players caught in land-based illegal gambling establishments. Consequently, casino enthusiasts who prefer enjoying their hobby at offshore online casinos like Bovada don’t really have to fear prosecution, especially since no individual players have been punished for using unlicensed gambling sites so far.

Online Casinos

The passage of Delaware Bill HB333 allowed licensed Delaware racetracks to offer online sports betting services and casino games, which means that Delaware residents now have the option to play on iGaming version of Delaware Park Casino and other similar venues. Keep in mind that real money casino games offered by those sites are accessible exclusively through desktop computers or laptops, which means that you won’t be able to join the action using your mobile device. Furthermore, intrastate casinos have to deal with limited player pools and offer relatively small bonuses and jackpots, which means that many players still prefer to play on offshore casino sites despite their ambiguous legal status.

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Offshore Casino Sites That Accept Delaware Players

Most offshore casino sites that accept US-players won’t have any issues with accepting deposits from new Delaware players. Consequently, Delaware customers are free to enjoy all the benefits of playing on major international networks, which include bigger game selection, generous bonuses that are many times higher than the promotions offered by intrastate sites, and life-changing jackpots that often exceed $1,000,000. Most of those sites run on the latest version of Real Time Gaming software, giving you access to some of the best slots and table games available over the internet these days.

Unlike the intrastate sites, offshore casinos don’t support all that many deposit methods. In most cases, you should be able to fund your account using your credit card – generally speaking, Visa and MasterCard users have reported the highest rate of success. If you’re having problems with making a credit card deposit, you can always try Western Union or MoneyGram. Withdrawals from offshore casinos are almost always handled via a standard wire transfer, but some sites might allow you to request a cash out via a check by courier.

Developing Legal Scenarios

If you consider how strict the gambling laws in places like New York or Alaska are, Delaware-based casino enthusiasts are pretty much living in the US online gambling heaven right now. However, that doesn’t mean the situation can’t improve any further. On 25 February 2014, Delaware Gov. Jack Markell signed an agreement with Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, which enabled the sites operating on the local intrastate gambling markets of both states to share their player pools, which might allow them to compete with offshore sites in the months to come.

Whether this agreement will allow the three of Delaware’s racetrack casinos to increase player traffic and grow their profits remains to be seen – for now, there’s simply no denying the fact that offshore sites like Bovada are simply more attractive from a typical casino aficionado’s perspective.

Delaware is one of the few states to offer legal online casino gambling. It is called “The First State” because it was the first to ratify the constitution, but it is also the first to legalizeonline gambling. Delaware’s three casinos, Dover Downs, Delaware Park, and Harrington Raceway, each has an online casino.

All three casinos have a great selection of online slots games, table games, and poker. Soon you'll be able to participate in World Series of Poker tournaments with players in Nevada, NewJersey, and Pennsylvania.

Find out everything about casino gambling in Delaware in our guide below.

Online Casinos in Delaware

Delaware has 3 choice online casinos offering premium playing experiences whenever you're in the state.

Delaware’s is called “The First State” because it was the first to ratify the constitution, but it is also the first to legalize online gambling. Delaware’s three casinos, Dover Downs, DelawarePark, and Harrington Raceway, each has an online casino.

All three casinos have a great selection of online slots games, table games, and poker. Soon you'll be able to participate in World Series of Poker tournaments with players in Nevada, NewJersey, and Pennsylvania.

Like the land-based casinos, online casinos are state-regulated. As you’ll see below, you can expect more transparency regarding payouts and odd in online casinos than what you’ve probablyexperienced in a physical casino.

Playing with Delaware casinos couldn’t be simpler.

Why Play in an Online Casino in Delaware?

While the game selection in Delaware’s online casinos is not very diverse compared to what you’ll find in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Delaware’s three online casinos have what most people wantto play: a good selection of slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker.

If you frequent land-based casinos, you know how difficult it can be to know what you’re getting yourself into. Payouts at a blackjack table can vary, the payout percentage on a slots machineis impossible to know, and it can be hard to get a seat at a good poker table.

Are Online Casinos Legal in Delaware?

Online casino gambling in Delaware has been legal since 2012, making it one of the first wave of states to make gambling with casinos online legal.

The Delaware State Lottery Office oversees online casinos throughout the state. Delaware decided to legalize to stop players crossing the border into New Jersey to get their gambling fix.

Take note, when you look at some online casinos in Delaware, you may see that they have different licenses from Malta, Gibraltar, and the UK. These licenses are perfectly valid for players inDelaware, so you don’t have to worry about creating an account with them.

Rules on Residents Playing Online

Online casinos within Delaware are only authorized to offer their services to residents of the state. In other words, you must have an address in Delaware to qualify.

Casino In Delaware

However, even if you’re a resident of Delaware you must be within state lines when playing any type of casino game.

So if you’re a resident of Delaware and you’re visiting family in Florida, you’ll be locked out of the casino. Online casinos use geo-location technology to enforce this.

Furthermore, you can’t get around this requirement by simply downloading a VPN. Casino operators have ways of detecting VPN use. If they catch you, they could suspend your account, or eventerminate it entirely.

Delaware residents should be aware of this when creating an account with a casino.

How to Find the Best Delaware Online Casinos

Choosing the right casino and understanding what Delaware casinos have to offer should be your first task. Finding the right casino for you in Delaware is tricky because there are a numberof factors you have to take into account. The right casino will allow you to play easily without any problems, good bonuses, and an excellent gaming selection.

Bonuses and Promotions

Perhaps the most important aspect of any casino is the welcome package. Online casinos must compete to get players. Bonuses can be extremely lucrative, which is why professional gamblersregularly hunt down new casinos for their bonuses.

This is the main factor in differentiating between different casinos.

Delaware Online Casino Gambling

Not only do you need to check out the dollar value of each bonus, but you need to investigate the wagering requirements.

These can vary heavily, from 5x wagering requirements all the way up to 30x wagering requirements and beyond. If they’re too high, or you’re restricted in the games you can play to meet thoserequirements, the bonuses are essentially worthless.

Game Selection

There are three land-based casinos currently in Delaware. They each have an online casino attached. Alongside these three big players in the market, brands like 888 have moved in.

Each casino will have a different selection of games. You need to decide what you most like to play and whether that casino has the games you want. You don’t need to register for an account tofigure out what games they have.

If you want to play games like online poker against other players, you need to make sure your casino of choice has a dedicated poker room attached.

Is the Casino Easy to Play With?

Answering this depends on a number of factors.

It’s technical because you want a casino that sees quick loading games with no delays in the action. It’s also practical in terms of whether you can withdraw money easily and how responsivetheir customer support departments are.

Thankfully, it’s easy to look up reviews of the various Delaware casinos.

Do Delaware Casinos Come with a Mobile App?

Mobile gaming has exploded in popularity. It’s difficult to find a major online casino brand in Delaware that doesn’t have mobile gaming in some form.

Playing via mobile enables you to play on the go and at your leisure. Unfortunately, the technology on mobile means that you’re not going to find the same selection of games as you would on alaptop.

This impacts casinos differently. Some casinos still have hundreds of games with a similar layout to the desktop casino, whereas others have poor apps with an extremely limited game selection.

The majority of Delaware online casinos will allow you to try out their app for free.

Can I Find Live Casino Games in Delaware Casinos?

There’s nothing illegal about live dealer games in Delaware. In fact, if you’re playing any form of live game against a person, you can legally play against international players and those whoreside in the state of Nevada.

Live casino games are available, but they’re only available between certain hours. It should also be said most Delaware online casinos have yet to truly invest much into live casino games, dueto lack of interest.

Remember, Delaware is one of the smallest states in the US, so casinos often see little point in running live dealer games to a small number of people.

Is it Possible to Play Online with Offshore Casinos in Delaware?

The current laws stipulating that online players must reside within the boundaries of Delaware only apply to online casino operators within the state.

The US’s gambling laws are designed to punish operators, not players. For that reason, residents of Delaware are able to create an account with an offshore casino and play without fear.

The only rule is the operator of the offshore casino must be independent.

When playing with an offshore casino, you should be aware that the laws may be different and players will have fewer legal protections.

Land-Based Casinos in Delaware

Delaware, although a small state, has been big on gambling for a long time. Although perhaps better known for their horseracing, Delaware’s three casinos are not to beoverlooked. They were the first state to offer online casinos, which allows you to play online slots, casino games, and poker anywhere in the state.

Listed below are the three pari-mutuel casinos in Delaware. Click on a name to see a page of detailed information about that particular facility.

Delaware Online Casino Gambling No Deposit

Types of Casinos in Delaware

Delaware casinos are located at three pari-mutuel facilities that all feature slot machines. Technically, the machines are video lottery terminals (VLT’s) because they are operated inconjunction with the Delaware Lottery. The VLT’s also play other games including video poker, video keno, and video blackjack.

You’re never far from a casino in Delaware (due in part to the small size of the state!), and you can always play legally online in the state. There are 3 casinos in Delaware, which also has along history with horseracing:

  • Delaware Park Racetrack & Slots
  • Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
  • Harrington Raceway & Casino

As of 2018, these three casinos also opened online casinos:

Betting in Delaware’s online casinos must take place within Delaware’s state lines.

Rewards points can be earned and used at either the land-based or online casinos.

List Of Land-Based Casinos In Delaware

Delaware Park Racetrack & Slots

  • 777 Delaware Park Blvd, Wilmington, DE 19804
  • 1 302-994-2521
  • Games available: Slots, poker, live casino table games

Delaware Park Racetrack or “DelPark” was first built in the 1930s, making it the oldest venue for gambling in the state today. It’s the only racetrack in Delaware that offers thoroughbred horseracing.

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino

  • 1131 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901
  • 1 302-674-4600
  • Games available: Slots, live casino table games

Harrington Raceway & Casino

  • 18500 S Dupont Hwy, Harrington, DE 19952
  • 1 302-398-4920
  • Games available: Slots, live casino table games

Delaware Land-Based Casinos Map