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Yes, provided Fa Fa Fa Slots Freebies that the player has fulfilled the wager requirements. The play through Fa Fa Fa Slots Freebies requirements range anywhere from 25 to 90 times the aggregate amount of the no deposit bonus and once fulfilled, you can make use of one of several cashing out methods available for your country. In the Fa Fa Fa slot game, there are just four regular symbols to hit. All of them are represented by the Fa character, but come in different colors. Three green Fa symbols pays 25 coins while three blue Fa symbols pays 50 coins. Three red Fa symbols pays a jackpot worth 100 coins.

Classic slot machines with three reels and a minimalist set of gameplay features have been regaining popularity in the world of online gambling. Popular casino software developers pop models of this variety out regularly, and thousands of gamblers choose these retro machines over modern video slots with a more lavish list of entertaining features. The Genesis Gaming did not stand aside this popular trend and released its Fa Fa Fa slots, which offers a classic gambling experience to everyone interested. Devoted to the Chines culture, it is truly a poster child of the genre. If you're from the old-school generation of players and had your first slot experience at a land-based casino, this machine will evoke a nostalgic feeling in your heart.


BetSoft's Fa Fa Twins Slot - Win Top Jackpot of 5000 Coins. BetSoft Gaming's Fa Fa Twins online slot is strongly anime inspired, featuring a cute pair of twin girls, one on each side of the slot reels. Since the intention is to give players a taste of the Orient, the reels feature symbols of the Fa Fa twins, a golden cat, fish, pink flowers. The top symbol in this free online slots with regard to payables is the Fa Fa Twins symbol, which compensates you with 5,000 coins if you managed to spin 5 symbols together. Second to none on the paytable’s list is the bear symbol that pays 2 500 coins and then comes the fish symbols which gives you 2 000 coins.

The FaFaFa slot machine by Genesis Gaming features three spinning reels. The cells of the reels may display either symbols or empty spaces. The slot lacks many features that are popular with modern slot games. There are no free spins, no bonus rounds, and no progressive jackpot.
There is only one active payline that takes up the central part of the screen. You can only bet a single coin on this line. The value of one in-game credit can range from one cent to 2 dollars. Correspondingly, $0.01-$2.00 is the maximum per-spin wager. These are the betting limits indicated in the provider's official demo version of the slot. Depending on the casino of your choice, the limits may be different. Don't forget to check whether you're entitled to free coins in FaFaFa slot games, as per promotional offers of many an online casino.

Interesting Features

The creators of the FaFa slot machine envisaged three varieties of basic symbols. They are Chinese glyphs of different colors. The slot allows for winning combinations formed from either identical or different icons. There are neither special symbols, such as a Wild or a Scatter, nor additional options to consider. The dispersion level is above average, which is typical of slot machines of this genre. The return-to-player coefficient is quite high and amounts to 97.12 percent.
A payout is delivered by any combination of three identical symbols on the active pay line. Any three icons on the line also entail a payout. The game allows only for one win per spin. The payout is credited to your account in coins of the value you selected before starting the round. The possible amounts you can win are 5 coins, 25 coins, 50 coins, and 100 coins. There is no double-or-nothing round in the FaFa slot, so the newly obtained credits are immediately transferred to your main gambling account.

How To Play

The two round buttons on the right are used to launch the spin in the FaFa slot machine. If you're playing in the manual mode, you cannot stop the reel ahead of time. The auto-play mode has several adjustable settings. The basic parameters of the FaFa slot allow for disabling the sound effects and selecting the size of the window.
The Paytable & Rules section gives the player a detailed account of the rules of the FaFaFa slot. Between the control panel and the reels, you can see a line that displays hints and other relevant information. The game runs on the casino's website, requiring no additional download of FaFaFa slots. The machine is optimized for modern mobile devices, giving you the opportunity to play the FaFaFa slots for free on the go.

Variations of This Slot

First and foremost, sometimes gamblers misspell the title of this game as “Far Far Slots” or “Far Far Far Slots”. If that’s the machine you have heard about and are looking for, your actual goal is the FaFaFa slots.

There is a slightly different version of the FaFa slot machine delivered by the Spade Gaming company. It's virtually identical regarding design, as it employs the same minimalist style and authentical Chinese motifs and colors. However, the design of glyphs is slightly different, as are the betting limits. One in-game coin's value ranges between 10 cents and 20 dollars, and the slot accepts a bet of up to three coins. Thus, in Spade Gaming's variation of the FaFaFa slot, you can wager up to 60 dollars per spin. Correspondingly, the win amounts of coins are greater as well, ranging from 5 coins to 400 coins.
Worth noting, the slot FaFaFa by Genesis Gaming Solutions is not to be confused with another slot of a similar name: Betsoft's Fa-Fa slots called Twins. The latter was also inspired by Chinese culture, just like the subject of this review. However, Fa-Fa Twins isn't a classic game. It represents a modern genre of video slots and comes with cute characters, a variety of symbols, and an abundance of gameplay features.

Rules & Features

All the buttons and indicators featured on the control panel are standard for this brand. Below is a brief explanation of the purpose of each of them.

  • Bet – choose the number of credits you're willing to bet;
  • Lines – select the paylines to activate during the round;
  • Total Bet – here you can have a look at the total amount at stake during the current round;
  • Win – this is where the game displays how much you've won during the round;
  • Balance – have a look at this indicator to know the amount of money on your in-game account;
  • ? – click on the question mark to access the section that contains the game rules and the payout table.

History of FaFa Slot

Since their release in 2015, the FaFa slot machines by Genesis Gaming Solutions and Spade Gaming turned out to be a hit with fans of classic machines. A decision was taken to ride the wave of success and create a successor to this simple yet charming game. On January 16, 2018, Spade Gaming released FaFaFa 2, in which the gameplay was revised and improved greatly. A variety of bonus features was added to cater to a wider audience of gamblers. With that, the game has retained its elegant minimalist style and the old-timey vibe. Looking out for high-rollers, the provider surged the max bet to a whopping 1,500 credits. The range of symbols and winning combinations was expanded. The game boasts of a Wild icon and several multipliers, ensuring an enhanced gambling experience and greater chances of winning.


The FaFa slot machine (frequently misspelled as “Far Far Far slots”) is intended for the most avid fans of classic games. Three reels, one payline, and three types of symbols constitute the modest list of distinctive features of the Fa Fa Fa slots. If you're used to modern slots with their splashes of color and vibrant characters, the graphics of the FaFaFa slot machine may have an underwhelming impression on you. The design is simplistic, not intricate in any sense. The animated cuts are neither cluttered nor embellished. From the functional standpoint, the interface is impeccable. The system of controls isn't complicated, and there are several basic settings available for the player to adjust. The payout amounts can be calculated in four different ways, including one mixed combination. In brief, this is the game for those who prefer minimalism in everything, including gambling.

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  • 97.10%

Fa Fa Fa Slot - Theme and storyline


The theme of the Fa Fa Fa slot is absolute minimalism. The market has a large number of simplified slots that resemble those that underlie the very direction of the game of slot machines, but Fa Fa Fa went much further. All functions were maximally simplified, which made the game simple, logical and quite stylish. Everything is minimalistic in this slot. There are only three symbols, three reels, and one winning line. Even the help section is so shortened that it gives sarcasm.

Fa Fa Fa slot - Graphics, sounds, and animations

Given the simplicity of Fa Fa Fa, the fact that the creators paid great attention to its appearance cannot but surprise us. Animated fireflies flutter against an elegant black background, the drums rotate smoothly, and all the characters, of which there are only three and which depict the same Chinese character in different colors, look attractive. Sound effects are also expectedly simplified and include a short sound when the reels spin and a simple winning signal. Such solutions go well with the theme of the slot and are effective, despite the simplicity.

Fa Fa Fa slot Gameplay

The slot has simple gameplay. There are both symbols and empty spaces on the reels. The player wins when all three characters line up. The winning amounts are as follows: 5 times the size of the bet for three symbols of different colors; 25x bet size for three green symbols; 50x bet size for three blue symbols; and 100x for the three red characters. That's all. This game will appeal to fans of simple slots. If you like the intricate bonus rounds and the like, this slot is not for you. There are no wilds, no bonuses, no free spins in the slot.

Fa Fa Fa slot - Bet Size, RTP and Variance

The game has average volatility and frequent wins with a multiplier of x5. As a rule, we prefer higher volatility, but we must pay tribute to the excellent return on player ratio, which is 97.10%. We tested the slot on the site with a minimum bet of £ / $ / € 0.02 per spin, and the maximum bet was £ / $ / € 80.00 per spin. This range will be sufficient for most players.


The creators of Fa Fa Fa did almost everything right, but you should be satisfied with the goal they pursued - to create the simplest slot possible. Otherwise, he will get bored very quickly. If you like simple games, then the RTP of this slot will be a big advantage.

Fa Fa Fa Slots Freebies
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  • Software:
  • Theme:
  • 1
  • Reels:
  • 97.10%

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