Glitz Slot Machine

Glitz Slot Game. Glitz is a 'money burst' type of slot. Created by Williams Interactive, this Casino Slot Game is very popular in Europe due to its glamorous-like design and also for the big wins. The game features 60 paylines structure. Glitz Slot Bonus Games. You can trigger the bonus in three different ways. Glitz is a 5 reel pay line game that boasts 60 different pay lines. WMS video slot game is all about the Glitz and glamour in life, so you can expect to see plenty of diamonds and gold coins.

Glitz slot machine
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Glitz is a mobile-friendly casino game with a promising bonus feature from WMS. The game focuses on precious gemstones and dollar signs which add to its theme and the intrigue of its players. The glitzy graphics and standard clanking casino sounds make it slightly more exciting than other offerings from Williams Interactive.

Glitz slot machines big wins

The bonus round is where the true magic exists because significant cash prizes and jewelry boxes filled with prizes await.

Free Slots Glitz

Players with a love for gemstones appreciate the straightforwardness of this game. There aren’t a lot of rules to follow except in the bonus round. Even then, it’s all in the name of fun. The right combinations pay prizes and award free spins which could lead to even more gameplay.

Bring on the Bling

Precious stones make up the theme of this game. Some of the symbols you’ll see in slot game Glitz are topazes, amethysts, rubies, opals, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, the letter G, and dollar signs. Each lends to the authenticity of the game. Although its graphics are not as flashy as one might expect, the way the reels are set up keeps things exciting.

For example, the five-reel set-up that is standard with most slot machine games isn’t present in the Glitz slot machine. Instead, a new layout is applied. The first two reels determine how much you win at any given time. The game splits your bet over two lines in context to the first two reels. You’re able to minimum or maximum bet at any time and discover new winning combinations with every spin.

Minimum and Maximum Bets

The minimum bet is $0.30. The maximum bet is $90.00. There are 5 reels and 60 paylines The RTP is 95.94%. The maximum payout for the game is $600.00.

The AutoPlay option spins reels until you stop it. There are no presets which can be tricky if you’re maximum betting and not paying attention. To stop the reels from spinning automatically, simply press the AutoPlay button again to deactivate the feature.


The two main features in the game are the scatter symbols and wild symbols. Each is needed to trigger the free spins bonus. Having the appropriate number of each in the right spot on the reels can help you accumulate quick cash.

Glitz Slot Machine Free

Wild symbols substitute regular symbols in the game. The only exception is the dollar sign which serves as the scatter symbol. A free spins feature is activated when four symbols of the same kind are apparent on the first two reels. Scattered dollar signs must appear on the third, fourth or fifth reel to trigger the bonus round.

Bonus Round

There are two ways to gain free spins. The first was mentioned above. The combination of four of the same symbols paired with scatter symbols on the appropriate reels gives you 20 free spins.

If you do not have a G or wild visible on the first two reels, a new screen will come up where you’ll be prompted to pick one jewelry box. There is a value in the box that replaces the symbols on the reels if it is higher. The new value takes the place of the old one, giving you more money to win.

The second way to enter the free spins feature is when you get three scatter symbols. They need to be on the third, fourth, and fifth reel. You’ll then be awarded five free spins and the aforementioned jewelry box pick. If the value is higher than what is present on the reels, it will be substituted with the new amount which helps you gain more wins per free spin.

Glitz Slots Online

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

There is nothing all that spectacular about Glitz. Its graphics are average and its sound effects typical of standard casino games. The free spins feature offers decent payouts which are where most of your money is won. It’s a good game for beginners or people who want to take their time making low bets.

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It’s not as flashy as many of the games offered by Williams Interactive. Still, there is some good fun to be had. The fact that the free spins bonus option can be activated in two different ways means that there is good money to be won. If you’re patient enough to get to that point, you could very well come out on top.