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Review of IP Casino Resort Spa - Biloxi Reviewed November 19, 2019 The casino is great but not room service. The price of order was only 12.99 but charged 18.27. Hotel is a casino. It's a spectacular place, clean and with high level services. It looks like a hotel for the rich, price is very economical because the business is not the rooms, game. Spacious rooms, comfortable beds. Paradise of the game fans (which is not my case). Information and Reviews about IP Casino Biloxi Poker Room in Biloxi, including Poker Tournaments, Games, Special Events and Promotions. Attention Poker Rooms.

$170/2 hours
Senses Massage or Senses Facial or Blueberry Wrap AND choice of:
Flip Flop Pedicure or Fiji Wave Signature Manicure or Ladies Cut and Style
$220/2.5 hours
Your Choice of:
Senses Massage or Senses Facial
Senses Flip Flop Pedicure
Fiji Wave Manicure
$250/2.5 hours
Senses Massage
Senses Facial
Fiji Wave Manicure or Shampoo/Blow-dry
SpaTini and Sweet Treats
$345/4 hours
Custom Massage
Senses Facial
Catered Lunch
Fiji Wave Manicure
Flip Flop Pedicure
$175/2 hours
$830/4.5 hours
Suka Scrub or Blueberry Wrap for Two
Senses Massage for Two
Senses Facial for Two
Spatini and Spa Lunch for Two
Side by Side Flip Flop Pedicures
Ip biloxi room rates

Senses for Two

Our Two Senses Spa experiences are offered for couples in the privacy of our Deluxe suite.
$220/50 minutes, $320/80 minutes
A time to spend with someone special. Each of you will receive a relaxing senses massage to enjoy together.
$350/80 minutes
This Original “La Stone” Treatment blends highly skilled technique, a smooth basalt stone massage and signature oils. Using warm and cool stones with a range of light to deep massage and enhanced energy work, this massage experience will bring pure relaxation.
$290/80 minutes
A cleansing foot ritual prepares you for a skin softening private soak for two.Enjoy a romantic SpaTini followed by a full body massage.
$390/2 hours
This decadent couple’s treatment originates from Fiji. Raw cane sugar combined with exotic nut oils will be used to exfoliate, cleanse and rehydrate skin. To end, a relaxing body massage is given using exotic oils high in vitamins A, B, C, and E to nourish the skin and replenish moisture.
$590/3 hours
This romance ritual begins with a cleansing foot exfoliation of tropical coconut sugars. Next, enjoy a private couples’ coconut milk bath and SpaTini. After your soak you will enjoy an exotic coconut crème scrub followed by a body butter wrap and Fijian scalp massage, a cleansing shower and full body massage with tropical oils. Please note: this package includes an 18% gratuity charge.

Massages & Body Works

$130/50 minutes, $175/80 minutes
Bamboo-Fusion™ is an exotic massage treatment which utilizes hand crafted warm bamboo tools of different sizes. This luxurious treatment involves long, soothing rhythmic strokes and deep pressure application. Some benefits include: Extreme relaxation for the body and mind; reduces tension, anxiety and stress; Increases circulation and relieves tightness in muscles.
$125/50 minutes, $170/80 minutes
A traditional Swedish massage included with the benefits of Shirodhara oil therapy. Shiro meaning “head” and Dhara meaning “flow of warm oil,” is applied to third eye located on the forehead to end this massage. This Ayurvedic system promotes deep relaxation of the nervous system, improves function of the 5 senses, relief from mental and physical stress and strain, boosts memory, nourishes hair and scalp and assists in providing sound sleep, just to name a few benefits.
$100/50 minutes, $150/80 minutes
A full-body massage based on traditional Swedish techniques including long relaxing strokes to soothe muscles and increase blood flow. A calming massage that promotes overall health and well-being.
$105/50 minutes, $155/80 minutes
Our full body integral massages are customized to the specific needs of each client. Treatments incorporate a blend of Swedish and deep tissue techniques drawing from each therapist’s unique healing style.
$105/50 minutes, $155/80 minutes
Whether you seek relief for over exerted muscles, or simply want to let your mind and body escape the day-to-day stress, this massage is for you. Our skilled therapist will use special aroma blends combined with techniques essential to your ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.
$120/50 minutes, $170/80 minutes
An intensive therapeutic massage technique directed at the deeper layers of the muscle. Designed to release tension, stress and fatigue for overall improvement of muscle function and increased energy.
$175/80 minutes
This Original “La Stone” Treatment blends highly skilled technique, a smooth basalt stone massage and signature oils. Using warm and cool stones with a range of light to deep massage and enhanced energy work, this massage experience will bring pure relaxation.
$120/50 minutes, $175/80 minutes
This stone massage uses a skillful blend of warm basalt stones with therapeutic and relaxing massage strokes. The heat within the stones helps penetrate deeper into your muscle tissue inducing profound relaxation. A wonderful alternative to a deep tissue massage.
$55/25 minutes, $110/50 minutes
Gentle and direct pressure is placed on specific points on the hands and feet that correspond to individual organs and parts of the body. A wonderful therapy that re-establishes energy flow and enhances circulation.

Scrubs & Wraps

$175/80 minutes
Indulge all of your senses with this ultimate relaxing Island Ritual. Organic sugar cane, coconut milk and exotic oils are combined to exfoliate, hydrate and renew the skin’s moisture balance leaving the body with an island glow as a result. Let your worries drift while the vitamin rich oil is massaged into the scalp and hair for a nourishing finish.
$110/50 minutes, $160/80 minutes w/ Upper Body
This decadent treatment originates from Fiji. Coconut sugar will be used for your amazing exfoliation and hydration treatment. Finish with a pineapple oil application. You may add a deluxe upper body massage.
$110/50 minutes, $160/80 minutes w/ Upper Body
Designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin while improving elasticity. Blueberry, high in antioxidants and phytonutrients, infuse the skin with moisture and reinforce collagen fibers for firmer skin.
$55/25 minutes
Soothes tired and over-worked muscles with heat and aromatic herbs, good before a massage or after a strenuous workout. This wrap detoxifies the body by ridding it of impurities.

Facial Treatments

Our exquisite facial treatments use only the finest natural, organic ingredients and are tailored to your individual needs. We begin all our facials with a skin analysis, then personalize the skin care treatment. Choose from the facials described below or let us customize a treatment especially for you.
$140/80 minutes
You may never want to leave after 80 minutes of being nurtured and nourished from head to toe. Vitamin rich masques and creams will cleanse and exfoliate your face. This facial includes a hand, foot and scalp treatment which will leave you feeling silky soft and fragrant.
$100/50 minutes
Does your face need a complete overhaul? Get a complete facial with cleansing, exfoliation, delicate extraction, soothing massage and deep moisturizing - all customized for your skin type.
$150/50 minutes
Does your face need a complete overhaul? Get a complete facial with cleansing, exfoliation, delicate extraction, soothing massage, deep moisturizing and diamond microdermabrasion - all customized for your skin type.
$110/50 minutes
This facial hydrates, revitalizes and firms stressed skin. Great for all skin types, this thirst-quenching facial brings about a noticeable, radiant, youthful glow to both men and women alike.
Starts at $110/25 minutes
Jeesner’s Peel
Glycolic /Retinol
Lighting Lift
Salicylic Acid
See Concierge for details.
$100/50 minutes
Based on the traditional European facial, this treatment is ideal for those suffering from oily, clogged skin. Includes a massage and treatment masque.
$95/50 minutes
A deeply cleansing treatment for the sensitive and congested skin on your back. This treatment will clear, hydrate and smooth your skin in the hard to reach places.
$100/50 minutes
Highly recommended for those with congested skin, this treatment will keep your skin smooth and healthy, preventing future breakouts and congestion.
$90/50 minutes
Designed and customized to the concerns of teens, this treatment is educational as well as repairing and protecting.
$150/30 minutes
$150/50 minutes
$120/25 minutes
A non-aggressive solution for younger, smoother looking skin. The best non-surgical treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, pigmentation, acne scars and sun-damaged skin using a diamond tip wand. We start with a cleansing lotion application, followed by a gentle abrasive technique, then apply a blend of healing serums and a soothing mask. For protection, sunscreen is applied. Dermabrasion will produce a fresh glow after the first treatment. For best results we recommend a series of treatments over a course of several weeks or months.
$55/25 minutes


The following waxing services are available:
Please note: No steam, sauna or hydrotherapy prior to or after waxing services. Additionally, those taking Retin-A, Accutane or Renova should refrain from facial waxing. We suggest avoiding UV Rays for 24 hours.

Moms To Be

The power of the body to create, grow and bring a baby into this world takes a lot out of you... your body changes in ways you never imagined. We at Senses Spa & Salon recognize your special needs during and after pregnancy and have created some special services for your relaxation and enjoyment. Our Mom's and Mom's-To-Be services will help your body through this amazing and beautiful transition.
$110/50 minutes, $160/80 minutes
This massage is offered for moms to be in their second and third trimesters. It is designed to comfortably position the mother in order to help encourage relaxation. It is a healthy way to alleviate pain and stress and promotes overall wellness for the mother and baby. Prenatal massage also increases circulation and relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy.
$155/80 minutes
Hydrating milk bath to soothe and smooth skin and spirits. This bath time includes a self application of a rich blend of organic oil and crème for care of your over-stretched skin, plus a massage! This service is offered for moms to be in their second and third trimesters.
$100/50 minutes
You may have that special glow, but with hormones raging your face may reflect an ever-changing complexion. A facial designed especially for your skin type targets hormonal changes during pregnancy that are reflected in the skin. This facial includes a gentle cleanse, tone, balancing mask and hydration application, leaving your skin clean, clear and beaming.

The Sense of Men

$100/50 minutes
A custom facial that is tailored to the unique skin care needs of men. Includes cleansing, moisturizing and toning with an emphasis on skin renewal. A soothing face, neck and scalp massage will provide the ultimate experience for him.
$55/30 minutes
Included is a raw sugar cane, cucumber, and mint exfoliation, hand and forearm massage, a hydration treatment and natural buffing of the nails.
$75/50 minutes
A blend of raw sugar cane, cucumber and mint exfoliates leaving feet smooth and refreshed. Next, we relieve tension and fatigue with a foot and calf massage and finish with buffing of the nails.

Added Pleasures

$45/25 minutes
Soothing milk baths have been enjoyed for centuries as an essential beauty ritual. Our tropical twist on this decadent treatment blends pure coconut milk from Fiji with tropical essences of exotic fruits for the ultimate skin smoothing, paradise inducing bath journey.
$20/15 minutes
Begin your massage by adding a sugar scrub application and warm towels to your back. This eliminates dull skin to reveal new healthy skin and replenishes moisture to create the ultimate healthy back hydration.
$30/15 minutes
LED Light Therapy treatment is a safe, but effective use of advanced LED light technology designed to help diminish the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots by promoting collagen firmness. LED Light Therapy’s technology conditions the skin from the inside out, using photopulsation to exercise and firm up the skin’s collagen. Skin will naturally appear smoother, tighter, and more radiant as the collagen beneath it becomes more firm.
$25/15 minutes, $55/25 minutes
A traditional Fijian coconut bowl is used to slowly drizzle warm exotic nut oils that are gently massaged into the scalp and neck restoring balance and leaving the hair shiny and healthy.
$60/25 minutes

Ip Casino Room Rates

A condensed version of our Senses Massage, this treatment concentrates on the neck, back and shoulder areas using a Swedish massage technique. This massage is perfect for those that are looking for quick relief from pain due to injury or stress.

Hair Senses

Please Note: Additional charges will apply to long/thick hair and services that require an increase of service time.
$65 & Up
$90 & Up
$90 & Up
$145 & Up

Nail Services

For Acrylic and Shellac nail services please contact the spa concierge for more details.
$65/50 minutes
A tropical soak in swirling warm coconut milk transports you to an island paradise. Nourishing and softening your hands and preparing your nails to be cleansed, shaped and buffed. Included in this signature manicure is a coconut sugar scrub, paraffin dip and creamy body butter hand and arm massage. The finish will include complete nail finishing and polish.
$55/30 minutes
Milk bath, creamy body butter hand and arm massage, complete nail finishing and polish.
$95/75 minutes
A warm bath with coconut water softens your skin. Surrender your legs and feet to a luxurious body butter massage. A nail and foot cleanse, shaping and buffing follows. Smooth the edges with a coconut sugar scrub and rinse, followed by a foot and leg massage, wrap and paraffin dip. A nail finishing and polish completes this service.
$75/50 minutes

Ip Casino Room Prices Today

A warm bath with coconut water softens your skin. A nail and foot cleanse, shaping and buffing follows. Smooth the edges with a coconut sugar scrub and rinse followed by a foot and leg massage. A nail finishing and polish completes this service.
$55/25 minutes
$75/50 minutes
See Concierge for details
See Concierge for details

Ip Biloxi Room Rates

Our treatments are inspired by nature and are brought to you in a simple, elegant surrounding. From our Signature Aqua Treatments to our natural and effective skin care services, everything we do is for your enjoyment. Welcome to Your Senses...
Guests of Senses Spa and Salon must be at least 18 years of age and present a valid picture ID. Digital ID’s are not accepted as approved forms of identification.

Toll-Free Number: (888) 946-2847
Rooms: 1,088 Price Range: $89-$229
Suites: 14 Price Range: $119-$475
Restaurants: 8 (1 open 24 hours)
Buffets: B-$11.99/$18.99 (Saturday/Sunday)
L-$13.99/$18.99 (Saturday/Sunday)
D-$20.99/$28.99 (Friday/Saturday)/$22.99 (Sunday)
Casino Size: 81,733 Square Feet
Games Offered: Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Three-Card Poker, Mini-Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Let It Ride, Mississippi Stud, Four Card Poker, Poker
Overnight RV Parking: Free/RV Dump: No
Special Features: Casino is on a barge.

Casino Profile - IP Casino Resort Spa Biloxi, Mississippi

With its 32-story hotel, numerous dining options, 70,000 square-foot casino and a relaxing spa, the IP Casino Resort Spa inBiloxi is one of the Mississipi Gulf Coast's most popular resort destinations.

The hotel at the IP features over 1,000 rooms and suites, some of which are looking out over the scenic Back Bay of Biloxi. Deluxe rooms are 400 square feet and offer a 32-inch flat-screenTV, clock radio with an iPod dock, hairdryer, iron/ironing board, in-room safe, refrigerator and 2-cup coffee maker. Premium rooms offer the same amenities but were recently remodeled andhave more vibrant decor. These rooms range in price from $59.99 to $319.99 per night, depending on the day (does not include resort fee). If you are looking to stay in a suite, call(888)946-2847 for rates, etc.

A deluxe room at
The IP
All guests have access to the fitness center (must be 18+), as well as the swimming pool which is open seasonally and features cabanas and poolside dining.
The 70,000 square foot casino at the IP features 1,700 slot and video poker machines, 60 table games and a 13 table non-smoking poker room. Table games offered include blackjack, craps, threecard poker, four card poker, baccarat, let it ride and Pai Gow.

Ip Casino Biloxi Room Rates

The IP is part of the Boyd Gaming group of properties and if you plan to do any gambling during your visit, you should be sure to join the B Connected players club! The B Connected card canbe used to earn and redeem points at 22 Boyd Properties throughout the United States in locations such as Las Vegas, Louisiana, Illinois, and more.
The casino at the IP

The IP has eight dining options, including one buffet. The two fine dining options are Thirty-Two, a steakhouse, and Tien, a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. If you are looking for somethingmore casual, you can check out the Costa Cucina Italian restaurant, the Highlights Sports Lounge or grab some burgers and seafood at the High Tide Cafe. There is also a 24-hour coffee shopand poolside dining at Quench.

To try a little taste of everything, head over to the Back Bay Buffet. It's open seven days a week and breakfast is $12 Monday through Sunday with a $19 brunch on Saturday (includingBloody Marys and OJ Mimosas). Lunch is $14 Monday through Friday and $25 on Sunday (Crab all day). Dinner runs $22 Monday through Thursday, $30 Friday (Snow Crab), $30 Saturday (SeafoodExtravaganza) and $25 on Sunday.
Entertainment options abound in IP’s Studio A where world-famous headliners perform in a state-of-the-art theatre where every seat is the best in house. You can enjoy the intimacy and comfortof personal service and memorable performances in the ticket-only venue located on the second floor and VIP seating is also available.

Ip Casino Room Prices Buffet

Lastly, if you are looking for some other non-gambling activities, you can find family fun at the arcade, or head to the two lounges to grab drinks and enjoy some free live entertainment. Ifyou prefer pampering, then spend some relaxing time at the Senses Spa and Salon. Whatever your choice, the IP has something for everyone.

The Chill Ultra Lounge

Ip Casino Room Prices Guide

The IP Casino Resort Spa is located at 850 Bayview Avenue, Biloxi, MS 39530. For more information, or to make reservations, visit http://www.ipbiloxi.com/ or call (888) 946-2847.

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