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Game Description

Dragon Tiger is a simple yet effective game that many casino players love to play. It is an incredibly fast game where rounds last about 25 seconds, which means players are bound to be at the edge of their seats waiting for the next round.

In Dragon Tiger, only two cards are dealt: the Dragon and the Tiger. The players choose which one of these two will get a higher card or if the round is going to end in a Tie.

There are even some side bets players can opt for, which spice things up a bit as well. The light effects that follow the gameplay, together with a unique theme and professional dealers, make Dragon Tiger a live casino game worthy of including in your casino library.

What is Live Dragon Tiger? Dragon Tiger is a card game that was originally developed in Cambodia. It is played as a live casino game and has rapidly become popular globally. The game is fast-moving and simple to play, a factor that has made it attractive to players the world over.


  1. Live Casinos providing Evolution Gaming’s Dragon Tiger Available on Evolution Gaming ‘s range of games for a few weeks, Dragon Tiger is accessible on Riga’s software casinos.
  2. Live Dragon Tiger is a simple and rapid card game any casino enthusiast will love. It is very easy to understand and play, yet at the same time intriguing and manages to keep players eager to know the outcome. Experience the thrill of live casino with Unibet Casino! Try your luck in Live Dragon Tiger table game!

Dragon Tiger is a live casino game with an Asian theme — both the tiger and the dragon are sacred creatures respected in numerous Asian cultures. Evolution Gaming has found a way to do them justice by implementing special effects.

A sculpture of either the dragon or tiger will light up to mark the one with the winning hand. In the studio, you will also see a large curved table with dark felt and other symbols of Asia that set the right playing tone for the game.

Game Features

  • Fast gameplay
  • Easy to master
  • Visually appealing environment
  • Detailed statistics
  • Great RTP percentage





1:1 – 96.27%


1:1 – 96.27%


11:1 – 89.64%


50:1– 86.02%


Dragon Tiger is, as mentioned, quite a simple live casino game to play. Your main objective in the game is to predict if the Tiger or the Dragon will draw the higher card and therefore win. Players can also bet on whether the round will end in a Tie.

The cards come from the dealer’s shoe with eight decks. The value of cards goes from ace to king, where the ace is the card with the lowest value and the king the one with the highest. Once you place the bet, the dealer will deal each side a single face-up card which will decide the winner of the round based on their values.

The round lasts 25 seconds, so the action is fast-paced and easy to follow. With the help of live betting statistics, shoe statistics, and scoreboards, you will get an insight into how many wins were registered for the Tiger and how many for the Dragon, the number of rounds played, and more. Different previous round results and patterns can help you decide on future bets.

Video Description

Dragon Tiger is a game streamed live with the help of HD cameras that cover the action from multiple angles. The first one is a broad frame where the dealer and the table are in focus, and once the dealer draws the cards, the camera zooms in to help you follow the action more closely. There are no replays as the game is incredibly fast and the action unfolds in the blink of an eye. However, there is still more than enough time to place your bets.

Native-Speaking Dealers

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The primary language of Dragon Tiger is English. However, Evolution Gaming’s customisation options allow you to choose from virtually any language you would like to include, such as French, German, Arabic, etc.

Mobile/Desktop Interface

Dragon Tiger can be played on all types of devices, from laptops and desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. The game functions perfectly on all operating systems, from Windows and Mac to Android and iOS. The gameplay runs smoothly and the game is easy to navigate. You will see all controls at the centre of the screen.

Dragon Casino Game

The scoreboards and statistics are also in a visible spot on the screen and are not obstructing the view of the table. When using mobile devices, you can play the game in both landscape and portrait modes.