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Bad experience San Manuel Casino is the worst casino during the reopening after Corona virus closure, for low betters like me is better to donate the money to a needed people than losing it in the slot machines, I've been losing every single time since they reopened and all I do is losing on every single slot machine I play. Welcome to San Manuel Online Casino. Play a wide range of free slots and casino games at our online casino today. Featuring real casino slots such as China Shores. You need 50000 more coins to play this game. You need to link your card to play this game.

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When you create an account at San Manuel online casino, you will be immediately rewarded by 5,000 free coins without any trouble or restrictions

  • Category: Online Casino
  • Banking: PayPal, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, GAN, Visa
  • Minimum deposit: $10
  • Withdrawal limit: $10,000 weekly
  • Contact email:
  • Sotware: Nevada
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Before we talk about San Manuel Casino Welcome Bonus, let me introduce my review about San Manuel Online Casino generally. The people who live near Highland, California, have probably heard of the famous San Manuel Casino in San Manuel Boulevard. They provide the services of online casinos as well, where players can buy chips for real cash and can try these chips on different online casino games. The important thing to know about this online casino is that you cannot withdraw your winnings as they will be converted automatically into the virtual money that will be used within the casino only. This is the reason that makes the San Manuel Online Casino one of the casinos that are 100% legal and you can play games on it for entertainment no matter where you are.

San Manuel Casino Free Online Slots:

There are 148 slot machines, which means that there is no shortage of slot games to play here. At the top of the section, they offer a great feature that provides the ability to filter the latest and most popular slot games.

San Manuel is also working to offer their own high limit slots, separate from the rest of the slot games. The high stakes adventures make up about half of the total slot machine library, and what distinguishes them from others is that the minimum bet in each round is slightly higher than others. For the huge fans of slot games, San Manuel casino online also offers a variety of game tournaments. The minimum registration fee for any of these slot games in 300 coins that go up to a maximum of 50,000 coins.

San Manuel Online Casino Mobile App:

To play San Manuel Casino games from your smartphone, you will need to download its mobile application with the name “San Manuel Slots”. This app can easily be downloaded from Google Play Store in a blink of time. This app is best in all its aspects that’s why it has more than 100,000 downloads with amazing 4.6 ratings.

Although the application name only includes slots and it includes different free online slots, they also offer many other games to play. All the games that are available on the desktop version can be accessed from the mobile app as well. This mobile app is well known for its graphics as it is designed and managed by a highly-skilled team. You can also add San Manuel online casino promo codes to your phone app.

How to Close the San Manuel Online Casino Account?

It is a great platform to play games and have fun but sometimes players want to remove or disable their account because of some reason. If you want to close your San Manuel online casino account then currently there are two ways to do so.

Close Your Account via Mail:

The easiest way to close your online casino account is to request the company via email.

  • Open your registered email account.
  • Mention that you are requesting to close the account in the subject.
  • Now write an email and include the reasons that forced you to close your account.
  • Send this mail at “”.

Close Your Account via Site Form:

Thes second way to close your account is to use the form provided on San Manuel online casino website.

  • Go to the Customer Support section.
  • Click on the “Self-Exclude” option.
  • A form will be displayed on your device screen.
  • Insert your name, email address, and other required information in the provided form.
  • In the message section, enter your reason for deleting your account.
  • Click on the “Send” button to send a message and form.

What Bonuses San Manuel Online Casino Offers?

There are plenty of bonuses offered by the San Manuel online casino. Some of these bonuses are described below.

San Manuel Casino Welcome Bonus:

San Manuel online casino is user friendly and they welcome their new players with greetings. When you create an account at San Manuel online casino, you will be immediately rewarded by 5,000 free coins without any trouble or restrictions. It should be your first account on San Manuel online casino. There is nothing better than this fact that you don’t have to claim or complete a goal to get this bonus. This bonus gives players a great opportunity to try out the site and some of the casino games before any deposit.

Leaderboard Challenges:

San Manuel online casino awards its top 10 most winning players with 470,000 coins every day. The first player will get about 100,000 coins while the tenth player will get 10,000 free coins. This bonus is provided on a weekly basis as well.

Fortune Wheel Bonus:

At the top of the webpages of the San Manuel online casino site, there will be a colorful wheel with a message “Collect”. This will provide you with a free spin that can bring you 100 to 1,000,000 coins depending on your luck. The best part of this promotion is that you can take advantage of it every four hours.

Refer a Friend Bonus:

There is a referral link on the San Manuel site, clicking on it will take you to a form where you can refer five of your friends through their email addresses. If either of your friends joined the casino using your referral link then you will both receive 10,000 free coins.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Retrieve San Manuel Online Casino Account?

Although there are options to close your account, anyone has the opportunity to reopen his account by just sending a simple mail to the company. Compose an email with the subject of “request to reopen my account” and send this mail to the San Manuel customer support service team at “”.

Does San Manuel Offer Tournaments?

San Manuel online casino offers tournaments and promotions as well, players can participate and can play games.

Who can Play San Manuel Online Casino?

Anyone can play online casinos who are 21 years or more. No one under the age of 21 is allowed to register and join the San Manuel Online Casino games.

When you create an account at San Manuel online casino, you will be immediately rewarded by 5,000 free coins without any trouble or restrictions

The San Manuel Casino is located roughly 60 to 75 minutes east of Los Angeles, CA in San Bernardino County. The casino is owned and operated by The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, a federally recognized tribe of the Serrano people.

San Manuel is the nearest Las Vegas style casino to the majority of the Los Angeles area. This casino is very similar to other Indian run casinos in Southern California, including Harrah’s SoCal and Pechanga, and also northern CA casinos, like Cache Creek. The differences between San Manuel and a casino you would find in Atlantic City or Las Vegas are very minor, and when they exist, are due to state laws. For the most part, San Manuel is the most complete real casino experience achievable in California.

San Manuel Casino

If you are an avid gambler in Southern California, in particular, the Los Angeles area, one main difference you will notice is that San Manuel is an actual casino. Unlike cardrooms in California tribal casinos, such as San Manuel, contain table games, bingo, slot and gaming machines, and more. Additionally, there are no fees to play table games and the rules are generally more favorable at San Manuel and other tribal casinos compared to California cardrooms.

When you arrive at San Manuel you’ll notice the sheer size of the property. Relative to competitors in the area the casino is rather large and contains ample parking. However, if you choose to attend on busy nights (typically weekends), parking in the garage is sparse, so you’ll definitely want to consider what time you arrive or valeting your car. Another thing to also consider is that there is no hotel on-site, but you there are many hotel options in the area.

Inside the first-floor, casino level area plenty of gaming options. You’ll notice a circular bar in the middle of the floor where you can grab a drink, game, and/or watch one of the many TVs. Around the floor are several slots, table games, and a few more bars. Drink prices are around $7-$10, which is pretty reasonable and the floor is filled with cocktail waitresses to serve you. If you are used to receiving comp drinks, you’ll be disappointed to know that San Manuel does not offer comp drinks even if you are playing.

Gaming at San Manuel

As indicated above, there are several gaming options to choose from at San Manuel. Table games include blackjack, EZ Baccarat, let it ride, three card poker, four card poker, craps, fortune pai gow, roulette, and ultimate Texas hold’em. Their poker room has around 35 tables with games ranging from Texas hold’em, Omaha hi-lo, or seven card stud.

San Manuel offers free bet blackjack, buster blackjack, house money, double-deck and high limit blackjack. The majority of the tables are 6-deck games with automatic shuffling. On weekends, you should expect the tables to require a minimum bet of $25 to play, however, on non-peak days minimums may decrease to as low as $5. The max bet is $2,000. All the shoe games pay 3 to 2, require the dealer to hit on soft 17s, allow doubling on any two cards after splitting, allow re-splitting of aces, and allow you to surrender.

In the high limit area, the minimum bet for blackjack is either $50 or $100 depending on which table you choose. Otherwise, the rules are the same including dealers hitting on all soft 17s. The rest of the area is nicer relative to the floor simply due to the fact that fewer people play in the high limit area. You’ll enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere with your own cocktail waitresses, video poker bar, and slot and table games.

San Manuel has over 4,000 gaming machines ranging from mechanical reel slots, video reels, video keno, in-house progressive jackpots, and over 115 video poker machines. There is also a dedicated non-smoking area if you are looking to play without being exposed to cigarette smoke as it is allowed throughout the casino.

Poker at San Manuel

Below is a breakdown of the poker games you’ll find inside the poker room at San Manuel.

San Manuel Casino Slots Machine

Limit Hold’em: 2/4 (2/2 blinds); 3/6 (1/3 blinds); 4/8 with a kill; 8/16 with a half kill or a full kill; 20/40 with a kill

No Limit Hold’em: 2/5 blinds (100-300 buy-in); 5/5 blinds (300-500 buy-in)

Omaha/8: 3/6 full kill

Seven Card Stud: 2/4 ($0.50 ante and bring-in); 3/6 ($1 ante and bring-in)

It is best to check with the casino to see what games are running the particular day you are interested in going. Often times the 20/40 with a kill limit hold’em and the seven card stud games are very rare or limited.

Typically, the poker room attracts low-limit action and inexperienced players. As with most poker rooms the higher the stakes generally the more experienced the players are. However, one positive is that the wait times have been known to be small or completely non-existent. It’s likely you’ll find a game going during any time of the day.

The rake at San Manuel is 3 + 1 jackpot on all the limit games up to 8/16, 4 + 1 jackpot on all limit games from 20/40 up to and on all no-limit games.

The majority of the tables use machine shufflers, and they typically reserve hand-shuffles for tournament games or out of necessity. As a new player, you do not need to post to enter a game and killer acts last. There is absolutely no smoking inside the poker room at San Manuel.

The casino also runs several poker tournaments and jackpot promotion throughout the year depending on the month and day of the week. Overall, the poker room will suffice if you are an inexperienced player or not quite an expert. However, it could be argued that there are better poker rooms in the Los Angeles, CA area with higher limits and more experienced players.

Dining at San Manuel Casino

There is no shortage of food options in San Manuel. The easiest and most convenient options are the quick eating options located on the first-floor. The area resembles a food court setup and you can choose from burgers, Thai food, pizza, and other quick bites.

Additionally, there are casual options such as George Lopez’s Chingon Kitchen, Just Barbecue, Rock & Brews, and the Serrano Buffett. If you are looking for upscale options you can either try The Pines Modern Steakhouse and/or the Pines Sunday Brunch.

There are plenty of drink options as well, but the casino adheres to current state law which does not allow alcohol after 2am.

Bars and Entertainment at San Manuel Casino

Located on the first-floor, The Tukut lounge offers free entertainment every night of the week. On weekdays, alcohol service begins at 5pm and ends at 1:15am and weekend service begins at 8am and ends at 1:15am. Every Tuesday is Salsa Night, with lessons starting at 8pm. Wednesdays is Country Night from 8pm to 1:30am, and every Friday is Latin Friday starting at 9pm.

Also on the first-floor is Bar Bar Bar, where you most likely be able to listen to local DJs just about every night of the week. Other bars inside the casino include the Tropical Storm Bar, Finish Line Bar, and Round Up Bar. As previously indicated above, drinks are reasonably priced around $7-$10. You can most likely find some sort of live music or entertainment every night of the week at San Manuel.

Features at San Manuel Casino

As eluded to above, the main features of San Manuel pertain to the Vegas-style of gaming it offers relative to competitors in the state of California and the surrounding Los Angeles, CA area.

If you are looking for an option to play slots, table games, poker, and bingo without fees and unfavorable rules San Manuel is most likely your best bet. The minimum age to play at San Manuel is 21, and the casino offers a rewards program that yields credits, discounts on food, and more.

In November 2017, San Manuel announced an expansion plan that would upgrade and improve the casino facility all-around. The main features include the addition of a 500-room resort style hotel, expanded casino floor space, a 4,000-seat performance venue, additional meeting and event space, new amenities including a spa and more shops, and a new 2,200-vehicle parking structure. The casino is expected to break ground by mid 2018 and conclude by the end of 2020. The plans not only improve the casino, but will also stimulate the local economy by adding more jobs.

San Manuel Slots Online


San Manuel Casino is located at 777 San Manuel Blvd. Highland, CA 92346. It is about a 60 to 75-minute drive from Los Angeles depending on the time of day you leave and traffic. As traffic is a notorious issue in Los Angeles, it is best to allow enough time to travel there or to travel during off-peak hours (i.e. late at night or early in the morning).

The casino also offers charter bus options from various locations in Southern California. For more information visit their website here.

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