El Dedo Salsa Casino

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  • Diese Seite habe ich deswegen geschaffen, weil ich erstens vergesslich, zweitens jedesmal auf der Suche nach Figuren der Salsa Cubana bin und diese immer in unterschiedlichen YouTube-Clips finde. Die gefundenen Clips sind auch nicht immer lehrreich und so suche ich immer wieder, bis ich einen finde, der mir wirklich hilft.
  • Casino refers to Cuban salsa. Several casino figures are also commonly used in rueda de casino if they are well known, even though they don’t involve changing of partner. Log on to Vimeo in this browser to watch the videos.

El Dedo Cuban Salsa El Dedo is a classic Casino Miami move that starts in a Dile Que No. This salsa move also incorporates vacila and enchufla so it’s important to learn these basic patterns first.

1Setenta (70) family
2A Bayamo family
3Panqué (Siete) family
4Sombrero family
5Ochenta (80) family
6Enchufla family
7Vacilala family
8Paseala moves and walks
9Dile Que No family
10Basic steps and turns
11Tornado moves
12Son in Casino
13Yoandy Villaurrutia
14Cuban Shines (Shines)
15Rueda de Casino only

Setenta family

1Intro to the Setenta family
2Hammerlock-Setenta Masterclass Video
3Hammerlock and Setenta
4Giro de Setenta Masterclass Video
5Cuban Salsa: Why Vacilala is best for Setenta
6Setenta (70)
7Setenta con Alarde
8Setenta y Uno (71)
9Setenta y Dos (72)
10Setenta y Dos con Giro
11Setenta con Corona
12Corona Doble
13Setenta Elegante
14Setenta Elegante Complicado
15Setenta Complicado
16Setenta Nuevo
17Setenta Nuevo Complicado
18Noventa (90)
19Setenta y Ocho (78)
20Setenta Triple
21Setenta con Giro Doble
22Setenta y Uno Complicado
23Setenta y Uno Moderno
24Setenta y Uno Virtuoso
25Setenta y Cinco (75)
26Setenta y Cinco Simple
27Setenta y Cinco por Arriba
28Setenta y Cinco por Arriba Complicado
29Setenta y Cinco Complicado
31Setenta por Abajo
33Setenta Complicado al Derecha y al Revés
34Setenta para el piso
35Gancho Doble de Yoandy

Other Vacilala moves

El Dedo Salsa Casino Atlantic City

1Intro to other Vacilala moves
2El Nudo
3Bayamo en Coche
4El Niño

A Bayamo family

1Intro to the A Bayamo family
2A Bayamo
3A Bayamo Simple
4A Bayamo por Abajo
5A Bayamo por Arriba
6A Bayamo por Arriba con alarde
7A Bayamo por Arriba con Vacilala
8A Bayamo por Matanzas
9A Bayamo con Tornado
10A Bayamo a la Matriz
11A Bayamo y el Barco
12A Bayamo a la Habana
13Amistad – Llevela a Bayamo
14Bad A Bayamo videos

Panqué (Siete) family

1Intro to the Panqué (Siete) Family
2Panqué (Siete)
3Panqué (Siete) flat wrong
4Panqué with high-five
5Siete con Coca-Cola
6Siete Moderno
7Siete Loco
8Siete Loco Complicado
9Siete Complicado
10Siete Magniv
11Siete Unisex Complicado
12Siete Alborotado
13Three way Stop
14El Altrevido
15La Cuadra
16Siete Locomotion
17El Suave
19Panqué con Candela
20Panqué Complicado de Martin
21Panqué tres tiempos
22Panqué pa’ti pa’mi
23Panqué con Chocolate
24Llévate mi Panqué
25Panqué y Enroscate
26Panqué y Castigala
27Panqué y p’al cielo
28Panqué con finta

Sombrero family

1Intro to the Sombrero family
2Sombrero Masterclass Video
4Sombrero con Mambo
5Sombrero con Mambo Complicado
6Sombrero con Plancha
7Sombrero Doble
8Sombrero Manolito
9Sombrero de Manny
11Sombrero por Abajo
12Balsero Doble
13Sombrero Complicado
15Abanico Complicado
16Juana la Cubana

El Dedo Salsa Casino Online

Ochenta (80) family

1Intro to Ochenta family
2Ochenta (80)
3Ochenta y Uno
4Ochenta y Dos
5Ochenta y Tres
6Ochenta y Quatro
7Ochenta y Ocho (88)
8Ochenta con Lazo
El dedo salsa casino online

Enchufla family

1Intro to Enchufla moves
2Enchufla Doble
3Enchufla Continuado
4Enchufla Continuado Masterclass Video
5El Uno (Cubanita)
6Uno Complicado
7El Dos (Cubanito)
8El Duce (12)
10Kentucky Complicado
12Candado Complicado
13La Babosa
14En Talla
Metete el dedo salsa casino

Paseala moves and walks

1Intro to Paseala moves and walks
2Paseala steps
3Paseala (classic move)
4Paseala Complicado
5La Jenny
6Cinco Cientos (500)
7El Clásico (Five Times DQN)
8Basic Paseala Walk (normal handhold)

Counter clock-wise moves

1Intro to counter clock-wise moves
1Dile Que No
2Dile Que No in social dancing
3Dile Que No con Coca Cola
4Coca Cola Doble
5Coca Cola por detrás
6Rodeo Inverso

Moves with multiple Alardes

1Intro to Moves with multiple Alardes
2El Dedo con Alardes
3Alarde Complicado
4En Talla

Basic steps and turns

1How Counting Matters
2Salsa basic steps
3Guapea Steps
4Guapea Masterclass Video
5Dile Que No
6Diagonal steps
7Diagonal steps
8Vuelta right turn
9Vuelta left turn
10Exhibela = Sacala turn
11Giro turns
12The Coca Cola turn
13Lead’s hook turn
14Vacilala Steps
15Giro Habanero
16Dile Que Sí
17Dile Que Sí turn Masterclass Video
18Dile Que Sí steps Masterclass Video
19Siete (Panqué) half turn
20The back-to-back turn
21Abajo steps

Cuban Shines (Qshines)

1Intro to Cuban Shines
2El Chivo
4Lead’s Shoe Shine
7Suzy Q

Tornado moves

1Intro to Tornado moves
2Tornado Variations
3Tornado de Vacilala
4Tornado de Dile Que No
5Tornado de Enchufla
6Tornado de Hombre
7Tornado Double
8A Bayamo con Tornado

Son in Casino

1Intro to Son in Casino
2Cuban Salsa: Son Clásico (Son basic steps)
3Cuban Salsa: Apertura (Son figure)
4Cuban Salsa: Cásate (arm in arm)
5Cuban Salsa: Cruzado (Son figure)
6Cuban Salsa: Side-by-side Cruzado (Son figure)
7Cuban Salsa: Forward and back with dip (Son figure)

Yoandy Villaurrutia

Metete El Dedo Salsa Casino

2Yoyoflow con Vacilala
3Yoyoflow con Habanero
4Yoyoflow con Molino
5Dile Que No con Coca-Cola y Habanero
6Dile Que No con Molino y Habanero
Metete el dedo salsa casino

El Dedo Salsa Casino San Diego

Rueda de Casino Only

1Intro to Rueda de Casino Moves only
2Dame Una, Dame Otre, Dame Dos
3La Babosa

All Cuban Salsa Moves

This is a project in the making. The ambition is, as the title says, to cover “all” Cuban Salsa moves, that is all common moves. It is impossible to cover everything, because we have endless of variations and anyone can make up a new move or modify an old.

I try to include a move when I have found at least three independent sources, most often just videos uploaded to YouTube. I sometimes accept moves, I have only found once, if I really like it. I try to focus on real moves used in social dancing and in Rueda de Casino. I try to avoid artificial moves just made up.

Also I know of moves from DVD based Salsa courses and Apps that have not found there way to YouTube yet. If they are good, I make room for them and hope they will show up on YouTube one day, or I might make someone record them.

For most of my tutorials I try to find the three best videos around, from an educational point of view, and I try to include as many different dance schools and countries as possible. Cuban Salsa is the most social of social dances: All colors, all sizes, all ages, all nationalities, all levels. I want to reflect that. I am happy to include videos of amateurs and beginners if useful in a tutorial, even if flawed.

El Dedo Salsa Casino Chicago

Also it is my intention, to replace many of the videos, when I happen to stumble upon better ones.